How to Embed a Video (Step-By-Step)

  1. Before you begin, your basic HTML tags must be assembled in your program, these are as shown in the photo below:
  2. Establish an HTML5 video player with the "< video>" tag below your header (if you have one) or body tag.
  3. Start a new line and enter what is called your "source tag", this will detail the video's file location and media type for the computer to process.
  4. Once you have your source tag, in quotation marks add the name of the desired video file from your directory directly after the equal sign of the source tag.
  5. Next, include the file type of your video by putting down "type=" and then the file format in quotation marks directly after, followed by a right facing arrow to close. Since all Youtube videos are in MP4 format, my file type would read "type="video/mpeg", but for other types, you must use other values-- for .ogg files use type="video/ogg" and for .webm files, use type="video/webm".