New Coffee Shop Opened Downtown: A Triumph or Just Another Dud?

Breaking News : A new coffee shop has been opened downtown and many are saying it's really a game changer. Eastside Coffee, the new shop in question, is said to have The world's best lattes, cappuccinos, and pastries,* but what is the true consensus?

On the outside, the new shop is quaint. With just a few flower pots and a wire table out front, a person may not even guess that this cafe is the new hottest hangout for the students at the local high school.
John Smith, a sophomore at Eastside High School said in an interview, Yeah it's a cool place, great coffee, I like to come here with my friends and we've recently started coming here for chess club, too.

The Consensus

All in all, the new shop seems to be a smash hit with the locals, though it is still an unknown whether or not the coffee is truly the world's best, we can say with confidence that this place will stick around for years to come.

Here at Eastside Coffee, we strive for the highest quality of service, because we value our customers like they are family. We have had a blast so far in this new location, and we hope to open more shops in Westside and Northside in the coming years.

*Westside Times, Issue 221