Blog Post: Online Classes, a Review

While it's safe to say that online classes are a must during this ongoing crisis, the current situation just may not cut it. With loading speeds at an all time low from the huge capacity of students on one platform at a single time, it's no wonder these classes can be both an excellent tool-- and a disaster waiting to happen.


Though this is the case, the new "Isolation Boom" for the software market is proving beneficial for developers. With a high demand for speedy, organized, and full-featured programs for online education, many developers say its a dream come true in terms of an open market. This demand is especially prevalent for the iOS application store since a sleek, all-encompassing education platform using Swift is yet to be seen.

Who will be the first to combine the speedy socialization capabilities of Zoom, with the high-powered, information-packed character of Google Classroom? As this becomes the new normal for education, techies will just have to wait and see.